How to Differentiate Your Business

This is a cartoon called "How to Differentiate Your Business". In the first panel, the orange guy says to the blue guy, "We need to differentiate our business." The blue guy responds, "How is everybody else handling that?"

I recently decided to start a very small side business that helps set people up with a good-looking Website.

So how am I going to differentiate my business? After all, there are probably thousands of Web designers out there, and even plenty of free options for people that just want to set up a simple Website or blog.

For starters, I’m going to stick to a very narrow niche of customers.

I’m looking for individual people who want to own their own Website, on their own domain (like this site, They want their own, standalone site. They don’t want to be part of a social network or other private ecosystem with a life of its own and elaborate terms of service to match.

The customers I’m seeking want to be found online. They could be freelancers, artists, consultants, slide guitar enthusiasts, small business owners, financials advisors, amateur botanists — anyone who wants to be found when people search their name in Google. The sites I’m going to set up will be optimized for search engines, which will help them rank highly in search results.

The customers I’m seeking are busy people who want a Website but don’t want to spend hours upon hours learning how to set up Websites. They are willing to pay a little money to have everything set up for them.

The customers I’m seeking want a professional design, but it doesn’t need it to be whiz-bang unique. If you have a vision for a killer design, that’s awesome, and there are thousands of designers who can help you with that. I am going to help people who want something simpler, something a little closer to the look of a résumé.

Am I the only person on the planet offering this service? Probably not. But I’m getting specific about who I’m trying to reach. That’s a good start.

Do I need to have a 100% unique business model? Nah. Often people have a business idea but don’t pursue it because “somebody else is already doing it”. I’ve certainly had that thought before, but no longer. More on that in my next post.

2 Responses to “How to Differentiate Your Business”

  1. Matt for Business
    July 24, 2012 at 7:55 pm #

    Exactly! I try to tell my clients that if they want to get their foot in the door in a flooded market they must differentiate! Instead of saying “I sell potatoes,” say “I sell organic purple potatoes for high-end restaurants.” Simple as that. Thanks for the post!

    • Pierre Bastien
      July 25, 2012 at 2:59 pm #

      Thanks for your comment, Matt.