Napkin Monster

Adult: "Come here -- you're covered in food!" Child: "NOOOO!" Adult: "I just need to wipe you gently with this soft cloth!" Child: "NOOOOOOOO!" Adult: "NAPKIN MONSTER GONNA EAT YOUR FACE!" Child: "YAY!"

What’s that you say? Your child hates it when you try to wipe off their messy face and hands after meals?

That was a problem for us too, until we came up with the Napkin Monster technique. You just take a regular napkin or paper towel and stick your hand inside it like a puppet. Napkin Monster is a friendly monster who says things like, “OHH, I’M SO HUNGRY FOR SOME FOOD. NOM NOM NOM. OH I LOVE TO EAT [whatever food is on your child’s face].” And then you wipe their face. Booyah. I don’t know how this will work in your family, but in ours, both kids started to ask¬†for their hands to be cleaned within 2 days. So, give it a shot.

Risk Factors

Child may try and actively feed food to napkins.

Does not work perfectly. Child still sometimes tries to run away from the monster, often giggling.

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