Sometimes Your Child Just Wants the Other Parent

A child is hanging tenuously from a tree branch, in danger of falling into some water where a shark is lurking. Adult: "Hang on sweetie, I'll get you!" Child: "I want Mom to get me."

Isn’t it a pain when you are ready to help your child but they insist on having the other parent help them instead? You’re there, full of love, ready to help, but the kid wants Mom, who’s busy right now.

It’s tempting to get annoyed by this or take it a bit personally, but I’ve found it’s best if you simply take it in stride. So they want they other parent. Who knows why, but they do. Don’t let it bother you. They might not even know why they’re asking for the other parent. Next time, they may want you instead of your spouse.

Sometimes the other parent is available, and can come help. Other times the other parent can’t help right then. In either case, so be it.

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