School Tour

Child: "Where are you going?" Parents: "Um...we're going to tour a new school for you." Child: "And when do I get to see it?" Parents: "Uh...well if we move to that neighborhood, you'll get to see it every day." Child: "No, I want to tour the school in advance!" Parents: "But you're only four!" Child: "I'll be the judge of that."

We’ve been going on school tours recently, trying to scope out the options in our area. Our son really does want to visit the schools along with us. Who can blame him? He’s going to spend all day there, and he wants it to be a good experience, as do we.

Looking at schools is a bit bewildering. You want to make the best decision for your kids and for your family. Meanwhile you’re weighing how good the school is, how good the neighborhood is, how good the house is, and possibly comparing mortgage/rental costs, tax rates, tuitions, and so on.

Sometimes I think if all our kids were just left alone, they’d figure out an effective way to educate themselves. There’s actually a school in Massachusetts called the Sudbury Valley School where children largely run the school themselves. Interesting. Now if only they could also learn to drive themselves around, parenting would be a snap!

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