Tomorrow Sleep Technique

Adult: "It's time for sleep." Child: "WAAAANNH!" Adult: "You've had a big day!" Child: "WAAAANNH!" Adult: "I swear, we don't do anything interesting while you're asleep!" Child: "WAAAANNH!" Adult: "In the morning, I'll make you pancakes." Child: "ZZZZZZ"

Our daughter doesn’t seem to like going to sleep. We’ve found over time various things help, such as telling her she’s had a big day (when she was around 18 months old) or explaining to her that by going to sleep she’s not missing out on anything fun (around 20 months). These techniques stopped working recently though (she’s 2 years old now).

After some trial and error, I have found success again by telling her about what’ll happen tomorrow. I tell her which parent is going to get her when she wakes up in the morning. I tell her what activities we’re going to do in the morning. I even tell her the first word I’ll say to her in the morning (the word, invariably, is ‘peep’, which she loves). She seems to be calmed by the idea that we have some sort of plan for when she regains consciousness.

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